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Stand: Januar 2004

1. Subject of contract

The hire of equipment is governed by the hire conditions stated

below, which are acknowledged on placing the order. Orders take

effect by not later than the time of delivery of the equipment and

the actual provision of the services.

2. Hire period

The hire period is restricted to the duration of the respective exhibition

including the installation and dismantling time, commences on

hand over of the equipment to the hirer and ends on return of the

equipment to the ServicePartner.

3. Transport, delivery, installation and dismantling

The ServicePartner is entitled to withdraw from the hire contract in

case of unforeseen events beyond its control such as strikes, lock-outs,

damage due to accidents, traffic conditions, operational disturbances,

etc., regardless of whether such events occur at the ServicePartner or

at one of its suppliers. Claims for damages by the hirer are excluded

in case of such withdrawal from the contract.

The equipment is usually installed on the day before the start of the

exhibition and dismantled after the close of the exhibition.

4. Use of hired goods

The hired goods remain the sole property of the ServicePartner. The

hirer is to use them carefully, fulfill all obligations connected with the

transfer for use and the use and maintenance of the hired goods and

follow the instructions for use issued by the ServicePartner.

5. Damages and liability

Claims for damages by the customer, hirer or a third party due to

failure/partial failure of the hired goods, force majeure or direct or

indirect damages to assets, property or persons are not admissible.

Such claims are also not admissible against the ServicePartner’s

employees or representatives.

The hirer assumes unlimited liability for the hired goods and all

accessories during the hire period. This liability also covers accidental

damage and incorrect handling and operation.

The return of the equipment does not constitute confirmation by the

ServicePartner that the equipment has been returned in a serviceable

condition. The ServicePartner expressly reserves the right to carry out

a detailed check of the equipment after its return.

We may not be responsible for the client’s equipment – particularly

computers – that is installed or handed by our employees.

No liability for fulminating problems or damages on hardware

or software can be accepted.

6. Withdrawal of hirer from contract

In case of the hirer withdrawing from the hire contract for any reason

whatsoever, the declaration of withdrawal must be received by the

ServicePartner not less than 14 days prior to the agreed date of

commencement of the hire contract. The hirer is to bear the cost of

any loss of hire charges caused by withdrawal from the contract less

than 14 days prior to its commencement.

7. Insurance

The equipment is not insured, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

The hirer is liable for the cost of new equipment in case of damage.

8. Payment

All prices for hire goods and services are subject to the current rate of

value added tax. The invoice is due for payment immediately without


The costs for money transfer from abroad will be charged. The invoice

can be settled before the start of the exhibition or payment will be

collected during the exhibition at the stand. Cheques or credit cards

(MasterCard, VISA) are accepted.

9. Final provision

Amendments to this contract must be made in writing. The

effectiveness of the remaining provisions is not effected in case

of a provision of this contract becoming null and void. The place

of jurisdiction and fulfillment is Nürnberg.